Learn to fish

This summer we came back to my uncle’s Carlos village , Losar de La Vera.
I prefer this one than my grandfather’s village, because it is nearer and i get less tired of the trip.
In grandfather’s village there is a pool and in the uncle’s one there is a river , where you can see fish in the pool while swimming .
Last year I left something unfinished with those fish and I’m looking forward to take a bath and see if I have better luck this year.
There are two places where we go for a swim ; one with a large pool which has two giant bridges where I dont see the fish and one with several smaller pools , where I can walk on them with the fish swimming around my feet.
I have tried , whenever i went swimming to “garganta Vadillo” ( is the one with the little pools ) that these fish came into a bad i had for fishing.
This bag is the only tool my parents have provided to me when I told them my intentions of wanting to fish and I already have learned when I can not expect more from the tone fo the voice.

aprendiendo a pesacr_________________________________
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