A Lamia in La Vera (part I)

In the mid twentieth century, specifically in 1947, the writer Oscar Castro, known, among other books, for his “Responso a Federico García Lorca”, dies in the first of November, is the day of the blessed souls, this, creates a very special an esoteric moment.
More than ten thousand kilometers away, in a small village, poorly communicated, in the Gredos Sierra, in the Vera Region, a strong shepherd widens his working day picking up chesnuts, hopping to save the family economy.

That night, José Pancho, name of the shepherd and neighbour of Garganta la Olla, has slept over in his mountain hut because the night has come over. A non specially good for his year revenues finishes and might be able to compensate it by picking up chesnuts, this is his main occupation these days of november.

He has had some pieces of “tasajo” with some wine and the tireness takes over, letting himself rest in the cot. He has a very strong and deep dream due to the long and hard working day. Between his dreams he hears knocking in the wood door of the hut, He doubts they are real and tries to keep on sleeping, obviating what considers a mirage of his drowsiness.

He rolls over himself in his right side on the cut facing the door. He hears the bangs again, this time, louder. He mid opens his eyes and fixes the look in the stripe of light that can be seen between the door and the stone base of it, discovering a shadow projected by the light of the present fullmoon.

His first reaction is to stay quiet and let the time go by and may be the “thing” will go away, but then, he hears a female voice that says: “I’m cold… I’m cold”

He decides to get up, opens the iron lock of the door, letting a minute woman, covered with a black dress, this makes him think is a nun. He comes down a bit. He makes her come over with a sign of his hand, so she can get warm behind the small fire that is set in the middle of the hut.

He closes the door and listens the squeak of the iron lock when is fastened. José turns around and find the beautiful face of the woman, with a tight veil, staring at him. When he crouches to hobble the embers, he finds out, terrified that the feet of the nun are two goat hooves. (to be continued and end of part II)

Discover the places of the unique legends from Comarca de la Vera, located in Sierra de Gredos (Spain). Link in Conyegar

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