A Lamia in La Vera (part II)

Such a vision made Jose’s head spin dizzily. He remembered the words of his father: “if you get tired and strongly dizzied, sit down and take a sip of water… Then, take a deep breath and chew a piece of “tasajo”…” José sits frozen over the bed in front of the “nun”. He does not want to lift his face… -or he could not, he have never remembered well -. The pouch, which lies at the bedhead on his right, has inside a bread roll, the wineskin and a couple of chestnuts from last year. Next to the pouch, there is an earthenware bowl with some water.

He is breathing quietly and intensely, his eyes are tightly closed. The woman remains in silence. José have felt for the chipped edge of the bowl that grasps finally with the right hand. While keeping his eyes closed, he brings the bowl closer to his mouth and leans his chin upwards. He slurps the water. The silence fills the room. The boy notices that the dogs of Roque sheltered in an escarpment in front of him are no longer barking. He places the bowl on the floor in an attempt of lying it by the wall. He finds a piece of bread and bites a little of the crust, but he does not swallow it. His mouth is dry.

“Do not be scared” the nun says in a sweet and captivating voice. “Please, look at me. I want to see your eyes”.

José lifts his chin up slowly, his eyes are opening. He stops chewing the crust and stares calmly at the eyes of the nun.
A calm feeling overcomes him, José gets relaxed and breathes slowly.

The nun raises gradually her hand to her face, then she removes her eye, then the other one in an easy and strange movement. “I can only rest when my eyes are removed. I will not get back my eyelids unless a handsome boy marries me.”

“Oh Jesus!” Jose yelled in a raucous voice and outstretched instinctively his left arm parallel to the floor and the right one perpendicular. His arms in cross-shaped protects his face.

The Lamia fists her hands and turns around while howling shivery. She disappears through the door and causes a cool wind that freezes the back of Jose.

Every time he have strolled the paths of the mountain in the nightfall that coincides with full moon, he feels always the attraction of a blurred image. This presence appears and calls him waving an arm boldly.

He knew that the only way to avoid the magnetic flow of this essence was holding his self-curved crucifix of oak wood. Since that night in November of 1947, this crucifix has hanged in his breast.

Discover the places of the unique legends from Comarca de la Vera, located in Sierra de Gredos (Spain). Link in Conyegar

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